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James brings extensive knowledge and skills in both Mechanical Engineering and Software Development which he garnered during his years in both the academic and business realm. 

James began his career as an R&D Engineer with Olympus where he pioneered a novel LED-illuminated Borescope prototype featuring intricate components that he designed and built himself using a variety of CNC and manual machines.

James studied at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom earning his Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. For his PhD he worked on an FEA valve seat machining simulation with Ford Motor Company in which he developed new methods and algorithms for splitting and refining 3D tetrahedral meshes, leading to dramatically reduced computational times for machining simulations.


James has extensive experience in home automation and vehicle telemetry, having developed novel techniques for home automation and device monitoring as early as 2013 – long before widespread consumer adoption.


During his time at Stele Tech, James has taken a lead role in automating agricultural processes from transplanting to harvesting.

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