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Benjamin draws on his experience from both academia and industry to solve the challenging problems found in Agricultural Technology.  

Ben's experience in industry has netted first hand knowledge of motion tracking systems, which allowed him to used machine learning to accurately measure the position orientation of sensors in distorted electromagnetic fields. He has worked in the aerospace, power, rail and defense industry offering up valuable contributions to the development of a real-time operating system. He has developed fuel measurement systems for aircraft, with expertise that includes the implementation of all layers of software for microcontrollers as well as documentation of the certifiable products.

Ben has a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Vermont with a research dissertation that specializes on utilizing parallel computation for Monte Carlo simulations of quantam statistical models. He is currently completing a doctoral degree in Materials Science from the University of Vermont with a focus on numerical studies that employe molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the local stress and elasticity behavior of bio-mechanical systems.

Ben is excited to be a part of a growing industry, and will leverage all of his curiosity, knowledge and enthusiasm to continue learning and innovating with Stele Technologies.


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